Micromobility Newsletter: 💵 Buttigieg on Fate of Ebike Subsidy

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Micromobility Newsletter for November 22, 2022

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When operators deploy vehicles in locations where they are not needed, everybody loses. Yet it happens every day. In our latest blog, Zoba analyzed 300 million rides to understand what “ride cannibalization” is, what causes it, how it’s eating operator profits, and what they can do to reduce it. Read blog.

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How to Scale Your Micromobility Startup Weinar

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EV revolution is happening on two wheels

Nuwiel cargo trailer being pulled by woman riding a bike
📸 Nuwiel

Tree growing in the middle of a bike lane in Bucharest

Pod People

Ben and Dan Carr from Lug + Carrie
📸 Lug + Carrie

This week on the podcast, we go inside the biggest cargo ebike consumer subscription business in the world with Ben and Dan Carr from Lug and Carrie. Listen here.

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