The car will be unbundled

Transportation is a basic human right.

We are profoundly curious and need to move to satisfy our hunger and thirst. To mix with others and to expand our horizons.

For this reason we have always sought to range farther and faster. We harnessed wild animals and we built machines to amplify our stride.

At first the machines we made amplified our legs through mechanical advantage but we learned how to harvest ancient sunlight to power our machines.

In order to convert ancient sunlight to energy, a violent reaction had to take place. The reaction releases gases containing carbon.

In small quantities this is harmless but in large quantities it is destabilizing to the climate because the carbon cycle of our planet is delicate and slow.

Our carbon machines are designed to contain violence and so they are heavy and need a suit of steel.

Being thus armored we feel we can drive them fast and the faster we can go the heavier they get. The heavier they get the more dangerous they are. The more dangerous they are the more we need to armor them.

If you don’t need combustion to move; you won’t need a suit of armor.

Micromobility is a big word for a small idea.

The idea is small in the sense that it represents machines that are small.

Machines that are sized to the job at hand: moving people.  And not sized to the process that makes them move.

Machines made to fit us not their internal violent reactions.

That such machines are now possible is a testament to our inventiveness and we consider that inventiveness as our superpower.

This manifesto is a call to use our superpower to make moving better.

Better by getting there happier, healthier and more in harmony.

In harmony with our environment and with each other.