1st Annual Rider's
Choice Awards

It is time to celebrate the amazing companies in our industry. Vote and make your voice heard, then find out the winners live at Micromobility World.

With over 1,100 companies in The Micromobility Landscape and hundreds of millions of riders worldwide, it is time to vote on annual winners in our industry and celebrate the broad diversity of companies and people that have supported the fastest-growing mobility ecosystem around the world.

The Rider’s Choice Awards is now live and you can vote for your favorite companies right here. The 24 company categories mirror The Micromobility Landscape sub-categories*, we have also added some categories for people that have helped push our industry forward (Top Reviewer, Founder or CEO of the Year). 

Once all the votes have been collected we will have an independent panel of judges that will review the votes and select a winner by category.  The winners will be announced at Micromobility World on January 19th, 2023. Each winner will receive an “M” or “Micro” (rendering above) that we hope they can hang up as the ultimate road sign in their office.  

Thanks to all the riders for going micro and now on to the vote! 
*For any company, not in a landscape category, you can submit your company for the voting process here.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will the winners be announced?

On January 19th at Micromobility World. Make sure to register for the event while it is still free. 

How are the winners determined?

There will be three rounds of elimination-style voting. 

What if I don’t see my company? How can I get my company eligible?

Submit your company to the landscape here. Once approved your company will also show up in the voting. You need to submit your company before November 15th to be eligible for a Rider’s Choice Award.

Can I vote for the same category twice?

No, votes are monitored and analyzed for suspicious activity, and duplicates are removed. No form of voting fraud will work. That doesn’t hold you back from inviting all your fans, family, friends, colleagues, and haters to vote for your company. They are all eligible!

What does my company receive if we win?

Each winner will receive an “M” or “Micro” (rendering above) that we hope they can hang up as the ultimate road sign in their office.