The biggest ecargo bike consumer subscription business in the world - Ben and Dan Carr from Lug and Carrie

Oliver Bruce
November 17, 2022


Ever since Oliver interviewed Karianne from Whee! earlier in the year, we’ve been excited to find more companies doing ebike subscription services for families. As Karianne says, there is a lot of money to be made by taking women and families seriously. 

So it was awesome to recently discover the team at Lug and Carrie, based in Australia, who are as far as we can tell, the largest e-cargobike consumer subscription business globally (notwithstanding Dance and Swapfiets, etc in Europe that do commuter bikes). 

As you’ll hear in this interview, Dan and Ben have absolutely nailed product market fit - e cargo bikes being absolutely perfect for subscription - and we’ve been super impressed with both them as a team but also their execution and positioning. It will be very exciting to see what this company goes on to do, especially with its forthcoming launch into larger markets.

Specifically, they dig into:

Check out Lug and Carrie's website here.


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