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Micromobility Newsletter for November 8, 2022

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Hey! Are you heading to Los Angeles for Comotion next week? So are we. Come join us and our friends at Automotus for a very fun, very special Happy Hour in DTLA on 11/16. We’ll have good drinks and lively conversation with old and new friends in mobility + tech - register now, space is limited!

Elimination Rounds for RCAs Start Soon

Don’t get voted off the island! The first elimination round of the Rider’s Choice Awards is coming up soon… let’s recap the rules.

🗳 Voting:  Vote for your favorite companies in +30 categories, then invite all your fans, friends, and colleagues to do the same to boost your candidate’s odds of winning.

🪓 Eliminations: On November 15th, the bottom 30% of nominees by vote in each category will be eliminated from the race. Then, on December 15th, the next bottom 30% will be cut.

👩‍⚖️ Judging: On January 9th, the top 5 vote-getters in each category will advance to the finals in which an independent panel of judges will choose the ultimate winners.

🏆 Awards: Winners will be announced on January 19th at the virtual Micromobility World conference. Register now while tickets are still free.

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What You Need To Know This Week

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+30% CAGR? 😮‍💨

Subscription is the fastest-growing model in micromobility right now. But how does the business work? Tomorrow, in the next episode in our webinar series, we’ll discuss how HaaS is reshaping the way we access electric bikes and scooters. Join us live.

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The Best Electric Cargo Bikes for Families

Move over minivans. Almost out of nowhere, cargo bikes have emerged as one of the most popular ways for families to quickly and conveniently zip around town.

With the capacity to carry multiple people at once, as well as sizable loads of groceries, packages, plants, pets, toys, and more, cargo ebikes can do almost anything that a car, truck, or SUV can, but at a fraction of the cost. 

This is a guide for helping you choose the best electric cargo bike for getting your kids to school, carrying a week’s worth of groceries, and performing any other task you can imagine. 

10 Top Notch Cargo Bikes

Pod People

This week Oliver interviews Jonas Nyvang, CEO and founder of Stilride, a company that is building a very novel electric motorbike out of Sweden. Specifically, they tackle:

- The background of Stilride and what they are building

- The significance of alternative vehicle fabrication techniques

- Why Jonas is working on his own vehicle and what’s significant about it

- The manufacturing technique and what it offers

- The details about the moped

- Fundraising to date and what has worked/not worked

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