Stilride's Metal Origami - The significance of new bike production methods with founder Jonas Nyvang

Oliver Bruce
November 3, 2022

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This week Oliver interviews Jonas Nyvang, CEO and founder of Stilride, who are building a very novel electric motorbike out of Sweden.

We are always VERY interested in how micromobility will create and enable new production techniques for lightweight electric vehicles, and we think that what Stilride have built might offer something very interesting to the conversation.

As Horace has often laid out, the manufacturing technique determines so much about a product, and new vehicle manufacturing techniques like iStream from Gordon Murray or modularised microfactories that Stilride talk about, so goes new types of vehicles that can be created.

Specifically they tackle:

- The background of Stilride and what they are building

- The significance of alternative vehicle fabrication techniques

- Why Jonas is working on his own vehicle and what’s significant about it

- The manufacturing technique and what it offers

- The details about the moped

- Fundraising to date and what has worked/not worked

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