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Ride Review Newsletter for January 5, 2023

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What You Need to Know

Greenworks is showing a whole bunch of new stuff at CES this week. The U.S. power tool company unveiled more than a dozen new products for inside and outside the house, including a home battery system, smart cameras, a robot lawn mower, and most relevant for our purposes, an entire catalogue of micromobility vehicles. Why is Greenworks suddenly so gung-ho about making all these different electronic devices? It looks like the company is trying to build a single interchangeable battery platform to power everything from table saws to kickscooters, which if it pans out, would be pretty cool.

Heybike’s new fat-tire folding Tyson ebike is made from a single piece of magnesium alloy, a unique construction method that reduces weight while increasing durability.

Latvia-based BeTriton says the first batch of the Ready-Made electric trike, a truly insane vehicle that can transform into both a camper and a boat, will ship in March 2023.

Amphibious Camper-Trike

Scooter sales are rising in the U.S. and unfortunately so are thefts. The number of kickscooters reported stolen in Los Angeles leapt 129% over the last four years.

China-based Yadea, one of the largest manufacturers of electric two-wheelers in the world (the company claims +60M users globally!), is gearing up for large-scale expansion in the U.S.

Spanish car maker SEAT is delving deeper into the two-wheeler realm with its beginner-friendly Mo 5 moped.

A bike designer asked ChatGPT and Midjourney to design a micromobility concept from scratch and the AI-generated result doesn’t look too far off from a Renault Twizzy.

No alt text provided for this image

Unboxing the smallest electric unicycle on the market: the munchkin-sized 28 lb Begode MTen4.

A mechanical engineer has invented an electric skateboard that is capable of traveling up to 82 mph. Yes, you read that right: eighty-two miles per hour.

The iconic Motocompo, a charming-looking folding moped that could fit into the back of ‘90s Hondas, has been reborn thanks to a Japanese startup. The Icoma Tatamel, as the new all-electric incarnation is known, offers 18 miles of range, can reach speeds of 25 mph, and when folded, packs down from 39” tall, 48” long and 25” wide, down to 27” tall, 27” long and 10” wide.

株式会社ICOMA | TATAMEL BIKE(タタメルバイク)

This Redditor made an RFID bracelet to unlock their Segway scooter with a flick of their wrist.

Dartz, the car maker known for making outrageously extravagant SUVs, is switching things drastically up with a tiny, fairly affordable ($16k) roadster EV.

Most people who get an SUV would be better off saving their money and buying an electric cargo bike instead.

For a cool €100k, you could buy this antique 1898 motorized tricycle, complete with a wicker “Lady’s Attachment” trailer, at auction.

1898 Cudell De Dion 2hp Tricycle with 'Lady's Attachment' Trailer Frame no. 532 Engine no. 532 image 1


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Razor has been a household name in scooters for decades, and their e-scooters are some of the best around. The Razor EcoSmart Cargo could almost be considered a moped. It's a larger alternative to a more traditional e-scooter that can fit two passengers or considerable cargo.

The Yuba Mundo Electric Mega Bike is the minivan of bicycles, able to accommodate everything from groceries to kids with ease. Its smooth and comfortable ride makes it perfect for families, while its ability to fit three kids without issue makes it great for anyone who has little ones tagging along.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality electric unicycle, you’ll probably want to check out the King Song 16x. Packed with great features, this unicycle has a high price tag but it also has a sturdy and durable build, fast motor, long-lasting battery, and futuristic design.

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