9: Why Micromobility Platforms Matter

In today’s show, we examine the role of platforms in micromobility’s rise, and what role they might play in furthering adoption.

Specifically, we cover:

  • What an entry into the micromobility space might look like for Apple, and how their experience in interface stepchanges puts them at a unique advantage

  • How autonomous cars are analogous to wormholes vs. a more tactile engaging experience of the world with micromobility.

  • What a platform built on a micromobiltiy fleet might look like, and what it might enable, and what names we might give to these experiences in the same way that cars have crusing, drivethrus and cinemas.

  • The stage of the market, and the parallels to the Playstation vs Xbox argument

  • How the network effects of micromobility sharing platforms are inverse to the traditional car infrastructure

  • Horace introduces his new research paper looking at modal shifts with the introduction of e-mobility in a cities transport mix.

Oliver Bruce