7: The Dutch Cycling Experience and Je ne sais quoi

Image © Alfredo J G A Borba (CC BY-SA 4.0) on Wikimedia

Image © Alfredo J G A Borba (CC BY-SA 4.0) on Wikimedia


In this episode, we look at the history of the Dutch cycle infrastructure, the symbiotic tension that we'll see between micromobility and autonomous vehicles, and the intangible quality of cities with vibrant micromobility ecosystems.

We also cover:
- the recent spate of news re: the dawning scooter wars (Bird, Lime, Jump)

- San Francisco's highway history

- the cost comparisons for cycling infrastructure vs. car infrastructure, especially when compared to modal share vs. land-use in European cities.

- How the rollout of cycling infrastructure parallels (or doesn't) the rollout of cellular infrastructure in both the US and Europe.

- the creative tension that will exist between micromobility vehicles vs. autonomous cars (walkable neighborhoods vs. exurbia sprawl)

- the 'experience' factor of micromobility, and the unquantifiable value of the thrill of riding a scooter/e-bike vs. passive A-B transport and how this is influenced by the European vs. American views of the world.

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