40: Investing in Micromobility :: Martin Mignot of Index Ventures

Source: Noam Galai/Getty Images Europe

Source: Noam Galai/Getty Images Europe

In this episode, Oliver interviews Martin Mignot, a general partner at Index Ventures and panelist on our ‘Capital in Micromobility’ panel at the upcoming Micromobility Europe conference in Berlin. Index Ventures were early investors in Bird, and have a long history of investing in the micro and macro mobility space over the last 15 years. 

Specifically, we dug into: 

  • His thesis around investing in mobility companies, and why the smartphone/internet has proved so transformational

  • Index’s investment in Bird, and why their focus on design and brand differentiates them starkly from the competition

  • His investment in Cowboy, his bullishness on high end owned micromobility, and how software/hardware integration can create outsized value.

  • The evolving funding landscape for shared scooters, and how he sees that progressing over the two years.

  • Why Paris has been a model laboratory for how the market for shared operations will develop over time.

  • How the pointy end of micromobility tech has started to hit the hard concrete of infrastructure, and how it’s increasingly dragging him into debates about bike lanes.

  • What he’s excited about investing in next.

It’s a really fun interview - one of our best so far! Well worth a listen. 

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Oliver Bruce