3: Getting to Here - The Historical Context of Micromobility's Emergence

In this episode, we refine the micromobility categorization and unpack why urban infrastructure is a leading indicator to adoption. 

We run through:

1) Why the development of batteries and small electric motors underpinned the development of micromobility, the importance of off-the-shelf componentry in providing the basis for innovation and why electric will be the dominant powertrain for the coming 10 years. 

2) The history of fuel infrastructure in the US, how hard this is to replicate, and why micromobility provides an opportunity to leapfrog this. 

3) The history of transit, roading and tramways in major cities globally, and how they provided the conditions for the development of the car.

4) The significance of the standard bike as we know it today, and the impact that it had on society. 

5) The emergence of cars in cities, the safety battles fought, and the development of signals, licensing and traffic segmentation, and the implications on that for alternative vehicle types. 

6) How the emergence of micro mobility will terraform our cities in the same way that the car did.

Oliver Bruce