22: Micromobility Standards

In this episode, Horace and Oliver discuss vehicle standards and classifications based on Horace's recent discussions with the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Specifically, they cover:

  • what are automotive standards, why are they important, and how does this change how we look at the world?

  • the history of the term 'microcomputing' and how the significance of this faded away over time, and what parallels we might be able to see with mobility.

  • how is the SAE thinking about classifying micromobility vehicles, and what are the likely implications of this

  • what variables regulators should be thinking about when looking at vehicles, and which they should avoid (hint: speed)

  • what value the German system for classifying low-powered electric vehicles could offer globally

  • the parallels to Horace's time at Nokia, and how he foresaw the rise of the battle of iOS and Android.

Oliver Bruce