2: What is micromobility, how do we define it, and why is it disruptive?

In this episode, we define the term micromobility and what is/isn’t in the categorization.

We run through:

1) Why micromobility can be defined as utility focussed urban transport in sub 500kg vehicles, and predominantly electrically powered.

2) The background of how Horace came to see micromobility’s potential to disrupt the automobile industry.

3) Why e-bikes are some of the best city-based transportation mode option- hint: it’s the fastest way across town and can be parked anywhere.

4) How to think about the categorisation of different types of micromobility devices, and why that matters.

5) How the development of micromobility is paralleling the development of personal computing and why we’re still in 1976.

6) Why car obesity has provided ripe opportunity to develop micromobility options in the marketplace.

7) The key difference between invention and innovation and how this applies to micromobility.

Bonus! Why Horace thinks that riding an electric bike is more thrilling than driving a Porsche. Transcript of this show is available below.

Oliver Bruce