11: The Democratization of Mobility: How Micromobility Addresses Mobility Poverty

On today’s episode Horace and Oliver are joined by Winston Kwon, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Social Innovation at the University of Edinburgh Business School. We discuss mobility poverty, why it matters and the role that micromobility could play in improving access to opportunities.

We also touch on:

  • The concept of Universal Basic Mobility (as put forward by Alex Roy) and how micromobility might enable it

  • The importance of social inclusion — and how transport, specifically cars, impact it.

  • How the homogeneity of suburbs is accelerating their infrastructural decline.

  • Which cities/built environments will benefit the most from micromobility and which will be the most negatively impacted.

  • Horace revises his estimates for the Total Addressable Market for Micromobility globally.

Oliver Bruce