Toby Ricco

Founder & CEO



Toby is the founder and CEO of Bimotal. He is a passionate engineer, tinkerer, and inventor. Since age 5 he could be found in the garage building contraptions, particularly anything with wheels. His hobby grew to building electric scooters and go-karts by age 12, and he started his first of three internships at Tesla when he
was 17. Toby led a hybrid flywheel-electric vehicle team (INSTAR) at UC Berkeley where he did his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, Toby worked in Power Electronics at Tesla for 4.5 years where he took 4 different electromechanical assemblies from concept to production across Powerwall, Powerpack, Model S, Model X, and Model 3 platforms. Toby left Tesla to found Bimotal and bring the best micro electric powertrains and vehicles to the world.


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