Jason Iftakhar


Swifty Scooters Ltd


Jason Iftakhar is a true innovator and visionary leader in the adult scooter industry. As the CEO of Swifty Scooters, he has transformed the company into a global brand known for its high-quality, stylish scooters. With a background in design and engineering, Jason has a keen eye for identifying market opportunities and creating products that exceed customer expectations. One of Jason’s greatest strengths is his commitment to quality and craftsmanship. He has a deep understanding of materials and manufacturing processes, and he ensures that every Swifty Scooter is made to the highest standards. His innovative approach and exceptional leadership skills have helped him build a dedicated team that shares his passion for creating exceptional products. Overall, Jason’s strengths as a visionary, innovator, communicator, and quality-focused leader have helped him achieve remarkable success as the CEO of Swifty Scooters.


Micromobility America
Nov 14-15, 2024