Dong Tran

CEO / Founder



Dong Tran, a passionate advocate for electric vehicles (EVs), has been fascinated by noise and mechanical complexity from an early age. Growing up in Vietnam, where transport on two-wheels is the norm, Tran’s initial impressions upon moving to America at age 10, were awe and bewilderment at the giant vehicles congesting the roads and highways. Tran’s early appreciation for the efficiency, form, functionality and fun of motorbikes; an interest in mechanics; and a vision for greener, more accessible mobility all signaled that Tran’s foray into EV was inevitable. With a decade of experience in automotive and aerospace design, Tran knew that light electric vehicles had mass-market potential. From aerospace-inspired construction methods to simplifying supply chains, much of Tran’s work in aerospace inspired him to develop the unique features of Ryvid’s launch product, the Anthem—a fully electric, lightweight motorcycle with a 50-75-mile range with a tool-less removable battery and an electronically-actuated height-adjustable seat. It’s a highway-capable urban commuter that balances function with form. As an advocate for EVs, Tran serves as a driving force in popularizing these vehicles, redefining the way people perceive transportation and inspiring others to join the electric revolution.


Micromobility America
Nov 14-15, 2024