Cédric Allemann

Co-Founder & Creative Brand Director

EBI - Electric Bicycle Innovation


Swiss national, as a children has grown up living in different countries in Africa, Europe, Americas and Asia - open minded and progressive to multi-cultural backgrounds and later on educated to a keen eye and skillsets of crossover design related disciplines. With passion for product design and expertise in Graphic and brand design, Cédric has spanned his carrier on the West to the Far East. Working in Advertising and later specializing in Brand Design in New York, Paris, Shanghai and Beijing. Passionate with everything that has lines, curves, colors, elegance and meaningful depth. From typography, identity, packaging to retail, architecture, product design and of course the 2 wheels thing :P Moto: "take this raw material and turn it into something beautiful".


Micromobility Europe
June 5-6, 2024