Brandon Schuh

SVP Head of Specialty Insurance

Christensen Group


Brandon the Head of Specialty Insurance for Christensen Group. Brandon spent 9 years on the client side, working as the Risk Manager for one of the largest ladder manufacturers/sellers in the US - Gorilla Ladders. Brandon assists customers with their insurance programs and risk transfer / risk financing. Brandon has a niche practice - leading Christensen Group's Products Liability Practice along with their Sharing Economy Practice. The more complex, hard to place and provocative the risk - the better. With Brandon's background managing a large SIR program at Gorilla Ladders, he brings unique creativity in helping clients think differently, in restructuring insurance programs and equipping them to better respond to litigation. This is done by pairing clients with strategic risk management resources and partners. Brandon also consults in the captive insurance space - looking at ways to reduce volatility and fund risk more effectively.


Micromobility America
Nov 14-15, 2024
Micromobility Europe
June 5-6, 2024