Antonio Loro




Antonio Loro founded Scootility to build a uniquely useful and rideable e-scooter—a utility scooter. Through his work as an urban planner focusing on emerging tech and trends in transport—he conducted the first research in Canada on the urban planning implications of vehicle automation—he arrived at micromobility. He was inspired by the huge potential of e-scooters as energy-efficient and city-friendly transport, if they were re-conceived to effectively serve a wider range of trips. Without an engineering background, let alone a product development team or heaps of venture capital on hand, he did what was needed as the solo founder of a tightly bootstrapped startup—he learned what was needed to design and build the first two prototypes. Scrappy, yes, but no lone wolf: he's now partnering with expert designers to accelerate the development of the production model, which will be optimized for the rapid delivery of light goods. Antonio is based in Vancouver, Canada.


Micromobility America
Nov 14-15, 2024