The U.S. Politics of Micromobility with Matthew Yglesias


This week we are releasing another talk from our recent Micromobility World  - this one with Matthew Yglesias, pioneering political blogger and self-described "ebike dad," on why electric bikes and other small vehicles offer a compelling alternative to the solve the urban mobility dilemma.

Matt has a wealth of knowledge about the interplay of politics, Transport and land use and Julia is an excellent host to ask him about it. This was a really compelling and interesting 50 minutes. We hope you enjoy it!

They dig into:

- His journey to be an ‘e-bike dad’ - and a big proponent of electric bikes

- The intersection between transport and built urban form - and the overhang of cars.

- How people are now getting used to taking the vehicles that are appropriate to the trip.

- The divide between privately owned and shared systems, and how land use rules interplay with those decisions

- The regulatory drivers helping and hindering EVs and micromobility

- The subsidy question - needed or not?

- Why he thinks SoCal should be ground zero for a micromobility first city

- The importance of making micromobility a positive, accessible brand rather than making it snobby or a ‘poverty option'

- The importance of allowing the built environment to innovate to new mobility options.

- What should micromobility advocates do to help drive change.

- Americans are typically pro-growth, opportunity and innovation. How can those attitudes be harnessed for micromobility, and transcend the left/right divide.

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