The Story of the Distinctive E-Bike - Super73 with Founder LeGrand Crewse


This week we're releasing another interview from Oliver's tour of micromobility companies in Southern California.

This episode is with LeGrand Crewse, founder of Super73, on the growth of his very distinctive brand. Ever since Oliver first saw the first image of the electrified mini taco bike, he thought that Super73 were on to something - they clearly understood what electrification buys you in terms of bike design, and they had focused on knobbly tyres, aesthetics and the likelihood that riders would end up using the throttle over really peddling to create something that was a substantial departure from anything we’d really seen in popular bike design before - most companies just electrified the existing form factors that they’d been making.

So, it was awesome to sit down with LeGrand and talk about the history and where things are going for the company, including its expansion into motorbikes.

Also, we didn’t really discuss it, but Oliver got to test ride their kids bike afterwards too, and that thing is going to sell like hotcakes. It’s built super tough and has an adult mode meaning that adults can ride it as well - check out Oliver's SoCal tour write up on Twitter for a video of him checking it out.  

Specifically they tackle:

- The history of Super73

- How the company has grown over time

- Funding and how they have thought about it

- Why they chose to raise less than their competitors

- The new motorbikes and the impact that they will have on servicing and maintenance

Take a closer look at Super73 on their website

And with that, here’s LeGrand!

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Catch us on Twitter @MicromobilityCo. Horace and Oliver are also active on their personal accounts and would love to hear from you.

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