The Story of Onyx Motorbikes with Founder Tim Seward and CEO James Khatiblou


We're really excited to share this episode with the team from Onyx Motorbikes who are based in Los Angeles. Oliver visited Onyx in Southern California in January as part of the So Cal Micromobility Tour. They are the winners of this years Rider's Choice Awards for Best Moped. It was great to hear about the story of how they got started and have manage to ship more than 5000 bikes – We have a deep respect for anybody who just manages to ship and get vehicles out. The build a real cult following and I am excited to see where they get to with the new bike range, which they discuss in this episode.

Specifically they discuss:

- Tims's background as a designer and his work at Bird

- The initial design of the Onyx and their first fundraiser

- Transitioning from a project to a company and James joining

- Their expanding product line and what they are excited about

If you enjoy this conversation, you will also enjoy Micromobility both in Europe and America. We have Europe coming up on June 8 and 9th, and then we have America happening in the Bay Area on the 18th and 19th of October. We will of course be at both. Looking forward to hopefully having some more of you there along with more than 1000 people at both events talking about the latest in Micromobility and lightweight electric vehicles. And with that, here is Tim and James!

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