The Micromobility Handbook


Originally created in 2019, we dedicate this handbook to the micromobility riders.

It is they who have chosen the less-traveled paths, the narrow lanes, the urban obstacle courses. They bear the insults, the contempt, and, yes, the violence. They don’t always get the subsidies or the prizes or the spotlight. They chose to keep their heads up high, wind on their face and listening to the world.

They are the risk-takers, the adventurers, the troublemakers.

Over 100 million worldwide have chosen this path last year alone. Not because it was easy but because it was hard. And hard is good.

Keep going, we think there are 5 Billion people coming behind you.

Cars travel 16 trillions miles every year
Small Vehicles for Small Trips
Most car trips are small trips
Marchetti's Constant
Car weight is wasteful
Parking is real estate in hiding
Micromobility is faster and cheaper (NYC)
Measure your rider success in smiles
The Micromobility Manifesto
The Micromobility Definition


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