Talking Cities, Transforming and Micromobility with Rocky Mountain Institute's Julia Thayne Demordaunt

Oliver Bruce
September 17, 2022


This week Oliver interviews Julia Thayne Demordaunt, Principal of Urban Transformation at the Rocky Mountain Institute. Oliver is a massive fan of RMI - they’ve been advocated for market based climate solutions for years and have some of the most in depth research on the pathways required to help us meet our climate goals. Julia is leading the research at RMI about the potential for micro to contribute. She came onboard as one of the hosts for the Micromobiltiy Europe show and the team had an absolute blast meeting her and talking about her work. In this conversation they talk about the opportunities and pitfalls of micromobility in all it’s forms, and how they intersect with cities.

Specifically they dig into:
• Her background and how she got to Rocky Mountain Institute
• What RMI does around urban transport / electrification
• Why Micromobility is important in the overall mix, and why it’s different from other options (especially around funding/infrastructure)
• What steps we need to take to accelerate adoption

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