Ride Review: The V5 Electric Skateboard from Meepo


The V5 is Meepo’s “entry level” electric longboard, a great fit for new riders who want to try out an e-skate board without breaking the bank. Dual 500 watt motors provide satisfying power and require no maintenance, and the standard battery pack provides up to 11 miles of riding range, making this a good fit for students and commuters who want a portable (and fun) last mile solution. The carry handle is a nice convenience touch, and the electronics are very cleanly integrated, giving the V5 a stealthy appearance and helping it to pass for a regular longboard.

00:00 Introduction

01:03 Design Overview

02:24 Electronics Overview

06:04 M5 Remote Overview

08:21 Longboard Components Overview

12:01 Ride Test Begins: Modes 1 & 2

13:14 Speed Mode 3 (the sweet spot)

15:00 Speed Mode 4

17:11 Brake Tests

18:22 Longboard Feel / Manual Riding

19:12 Range Considerations

20:12 Closing Thoughts

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