Ride Review: Haoqi Camel Dual Battery Electric Cargo Bike


The Camel has a lot of value packed in for just $1,699, especially when you realize it's a dual battery setup! It has a sturdy frame ready for up to 450 pounds of cargo, integrated lighting and with a loud horn, and can be operated via throttle or pedal assist up to 20 mph.

00:00 Introduction

01:11 Design Overview

03:25 Size & Fit

04:32 Utility & Cargo Features

05:54 Pedaling Drivetrain Overview

07:31 PAS & Throttle Settings

09:17 Lighting & Signals

11:10 Brakes

11:39 Batteries & Motor

13:59 Ride Test Begins

15:54 Testing PAS Levels

20:52 Throttle Only

22:48 Ride Comfort

23:39 Closing Thoughts

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