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What You Need to Know Today

Cowboy today announced AdaptivePower, a new OTA update that will allow the C4 and C4 ST bikes to intelligently and automatically change power settings depending on hill, wind, or weight. Along with the new software come three new pastel colorways inspired by spring. As well, Cowboy announced it raised $10.5M in fresh funds to support the launch.

IKEA is famous for flat-packing furniture to make it easier to ship. Now another Swedish company, Luvly, is trying to apply the same idea to tiny cars.

Segway has unveiled new scooters in its Max G2, F2, E2 and C2 families, with a focus on safety features like turn signals and improved braking.

Is the versatile new Specialized Turbo Tero X an eMTB, a cargo bike… something else? It all depends how you choose to ride it.

For its latest concept, Austrian design shop Vagabund put a surf-ready spin on the BMW CE 04.

Close up of the front end of the BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept with a man sitting on the ground.

A love letter to ugly electric bikes written by none other than Top Gear’s Captain Slow, James May.

The latest addition to Trek’s Verse+ family, the Trek Verse+ 4S, will feature a larger battery and motor, capable of reaching speeds of 28 mph.

Looking for a secondhand vehicle? Upway, a French online marketplace for preowned electric bikes, is now launching in the U.S.

Super73’s first electric motorcycle, 75-mph, 100-mile-range C1X, is expected to ship this year.

The SUPER73-C1X Electric Motorbike - Get First in Line Today

China-based Bafang, maker of electric motors, batteries, controllers, and other drivetrain components for bikes, is launching a new drive-system offering for motorcycles under the brand name T&D.

And Germany’s BMZ is jumping into the electric bike game with a drive system for eMTBs.

Rumors are going around that the next Nike Air sneakers will be a bike-themed collaboration with Queens-born BMX’er Nigel Sylvester.

Speaking of shoes, Casey Neistat straps on a pair of $1,400 electric sneakers and tries them out in his latest video.

The highly anticipated F77 motorcycle from India’s Ultraviolette is at last shipping to customers.

Think you can’t ride a scooter with a dog? Think again.

Mountain bike maker Mondraker is out with its first gravel bike and it’s electric.

The Convercycle Bike is an electric cargo bike with an expandable rear section for hauling just about anything.

Hong Kong-based Urtopia’s new aluminum Chord is a more affordable alternative to its signature carbon-fiber eBike.

Okaya, a new Indian EV startup on the scene, just launched an entry-level moped called Faast F2F. Contrary to its name, the vehicle isn’t particular speedy (top speed: 34 mph), but the price ($1,014) is quite attractive.

As a fat-tire, step-thru electric bike, the Mokwheel Scoria is pretty nice. But as a mobile power station for charging your electronic devices on the go, it’s incredible.

Saigon-based custom shop Bandit9 just unveiled a truly bonkers motorcycle that is made out of NASA’s space-grade aluminum.

The Bandit9 Eve Odyssey from above

Honda has patented a new type of airbag for motorcycles that hugs the rider’s torso and rapidly detaches and inflates during a crash.

Apparently electric bikes are really popular in Amish country as a replacement for horse-drawn buggies. Go figure.

Are you looking for a mid-drive eBike that won’t break the bank? In our latest guide, we look at why a mid-drive eBike might be right for you and point out a range of affordable options on the market.

ICYMI: We launched a new tool to help individuals looking to purchase small electric vehicles find financial assistance. The Micromobility Global Incentives and Subsidy Tracker is a first-of-its-kind database for tracking government incentives for electric bikes, mopeds, scooters, and more.


When Himiway was first started, their first electric bike was the Himiway Cruiser. Even though they improved on their initial design, they stuck to their goal of creating an electric bike with incredible range. The current Himiway Cruiser offers a 60-mile range but also comes with fat tires, a durable frame, a capable battery, and everything you would want in a great path cruiser.

The Razor Power Core E90 electric scooter is designed for kids ages 8 and up and can hold riders of up to 120 pounds. It features an innovative power core hub motor that delivers smooth acceleration with the push of a throttle.

The Rad Power RadMini is a versatile and affordable fat tire electric bike well-suited for both urban and off-road riding. Its high-quality components and impressive performance make it an excellent choice for commuting, recreational riding, and more.

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