Ride Review Changelog 0.1

James Gross
November 3, 2022


We wanted to give you an update on Ride Review and some of the features we have released since we launched in September. 

First, a few of the stats we track: 

- Vehicles Reviewed: 291 

- Vehicle Brands: 107

- Expert Reviewers: 334

New Features: 

Advanced Filtering

On every Vehicle page, you can now filter by key metrics such as Range, Top Speed, Watts, Score, and Weight. We call these metrics “Basics.”

Anything with an underline is hyperlinked and can be compared to other vehicles like it.

On Vehicle pages, you can click on any of the Basics and be brought to a search page that allows you to compare that Vehicle to others like it. (GIF of workflow below)

Search Results

Toggle through the various Basic filters to find precisely the vehicle you are looking for. Here is an example of what it looks like to search for an Folding Electric Bike that is between 30-60 KG in weight and has a top speed of 30-50 KMPH. 

Your Feedback

All of these features are inspired by your feedback, so please keep the comments coming and we will continue to release new features to help. 

Ride on! 

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