Ride On! #9: Cake and Italika Talk Partnership (and giveaway!) 路 Paris Bans Shared 馃洿 路 and more!


0:00 Some Announcements (Cowboy Giveaway Winner!, Startup Awards and Micromobility America announced)

10:01 Paris has voted to ban shared scooters in a highly publicized referendum. While the margin wasn鈥檛 close (89% in favor), the turnout was low (only 7%) and so probably not very representative. Nevertheless Mayor Anne Hidalgo is expected to adhere to the results and allow the contracts for the city鈥檚 three operators, Lime, Tier, and Dott, to expire later this year. In total, Parisians will lose access to 15k shared scooters, which will almost certainly make getting around without a car less convenient.

20:55 ATLAS, a new grocery delivery vehicle designed by Shuai Cheng, is a rideable pantry and refrigerator on wheels.

24:59 Italika and Cake on the show. Cake鈥檚 order book is looking pretty full these days. The Swedish electric motorcycle maker announced agreements to ship 1,500 bikes to Greece, 50,000 bikes to Mexico, and a whopping 150,000 bikes to China. We are joined by Servando Canales, Head of Innovation at Italika and Founder/CEO of Citio and Eric Asmussen, the Cheif Growth Officer at Cake to discuss their partnership.

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