Ride On! #6: Meet the Aventon Abound · Global Small EV Subsidy Tracker · NYC eBike Crackdown + More


Welcome to the Ride On! podcast with co-hosts James Gross and Julia Thayne.

‍To explain a little bit about how we will run the show. Julia and James take a few topics from the Micromobility Newsletter and discussing them in more detail. Topics can range from new vehicles and business models, to government policy and city infrastructure. Our goal is to better explore and snapshot the weekly happenings of the fastest growing and funnest form of mobility in the world: small, electric vehicles.

0:00 Intro + Tiki Party in Paris!? (rsvp here)

04:27: The RadRunner 3 Plus Winner Is…

05:36 Subsidies, Subsidies, and More Subsidies

14:46 A Radical New Chainless Drive

19:39 Upway + Secondary Markets for eBikes

21:30 NYC eBike Crackdown

26:18 All New Aventon Abound

40:15 Outro + Cowboy’s New OTA Updates

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