Ride On! #15: Vvolt and Ride1Up ebike Giveaways! · Meet Vvolt's CEO, Kyle Ranson


We are giving away Ride1Up Prodigy and Vvolt Sirius ebikes! To enter to win, subscribe to our channel, comment below, and submit your email here: https://ridereview.com/giveawayThe winner of the Ride1up vehicle will be announced next week on Ride On! and the following week for the Vvolt Sirius.

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00:00 2 eBike Giveaways!

03:45 Citi Bike Growth!

09:21 Vehicle Launches!

21:42 Big news from Bolt!

26:33 Meet Vvolt and their CEO, Kyle Ranson!

Ten years of Citi Bike

Interviews with founders, riders, and others tells the story of how New York’s globally influential bikesharing program came to be, and where it’s headed next. (Just in time for the big anniversary, Citi Bike smashed a new ridership record this week.)

Bolt and Tier?

Meanwhile Estonia-based Bolt is gearing up for its first profitable year, as well as a potential IPO in 2025. Valued at $8B, the superapp offers a range of services including ride-hailing, food delivery, and e-scooter rentals. In addition to a public offer, Bolt founder Markus Villig eyes continued expansion outside of Europe in the near future. German micromobility startup Tier is in late-stage acquisition talks with European rival Bolt, Sifted has learnt. The deal comes amid a wave of consolidation sweeping the micromobility sector as growth capital remains hard to come by and businesses remain expensive to run. Related: A new survey commissioned by Bolt found that roughly half of residents in Germany, Portugal, and the Netherlands want to see more micromobility parking spots in place of car parking.

Vehicle launches:

In partnership with SAIC-Wuling, GM is developing a tiny electric pickup truck for the Chinese market that’s expected to retail in the ballpark of $14,000. Sizing up comparably to a Fiat 500, the concept incorporates the utility of a pickup truck in the small package of a NEV, making it a great solution for urban tradespeople. Unfortunately, the vehicle is not expected to enter U.S. or European markets anytime soon.

Segway-Ninebot recently announced its updated vehicle lineup for 2023, which will include a plethora of next-gen features, such as Traction Control Systems, Anti-Locking Braking Systems, and Apple-integrated ‘Find My’ tracking. (Related: Why Segway is going all in on computer vision).​​

Hong Kong-based Urtopia just launched their Chord ebike in Europe, which offers loads of interesting features. The 353 watt-hour battery claims a range of up to 75 miles, but the most impressive aspects of the bike are in the cockpit, which features fingerprint recognition, built in GPS, and even bluetooth streaming capabilities. Lemmo’s E+Bike is a marvel of European engineering - its patented Dual Mode Hub motor allows riders to switch between an ebike and a traditional bicycle almost instantly. The E+Bike also packs all of its power components neatly into a detachable Smartpac, which riders can purchase along with the bike, or try out temporarily via a subscription.

Honda is bringing electric two-wheelers to Europe with the new EM1 e: electric moped. Powered by a removable 50V Honda battery, the EM1 e: claims a top speed of 28 mph and a maximum range of 29 miles on a single charge. The EM1 e: is just the start for Honda, as the company prepares to release at least ten more small electric vehicles before 2025.

Finland-based Verge Motorcycles recently revealed the TS Ultra, an electric motorcycle designed in collaboration with F1 racer Mika Häkkinen. Given Häkkinen’s background, it’s no surprise that the bike offers a top speed of 124 mph and achieves 0-62 mph in just three and a half seconds. The raw power also comes with a hefty price tag of about £70k…

Decathlon just released two new performance-drive electric mountain bikes in the E-EXPL 700 and E-EXPL 700S. Retailing at $2713 and $3800 respectively, both models are equipped with a 250-watt Brose Drive T mid-drive motor and a 630-watt-hour battery pack, but the 700S offers a bit more suspension and an upgraded Shimano drivetrain.

Canyon continues to electrify their bike lineup with their new Strive:ON - a motorized version of their Strive racing mountain bike. The new e-mtb features the same carbon fiber frame and “mullet” wheel setup (29 inch front wheel and 27.5 inch rear) as the Strive, but with a powerful Bosch Performance Line CX drive system to conquer the steepest of inclines.

Meet Vvolt! We have the Co-Founder and CEO of Vvolt on Kyle Ranson...

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