Ride On! #14: Ride1Up Interview + Giveaway · VanMoof’s Cheaper S4/X4 · World Tour of Pint-Sized Cars


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Topics can range from new vehicles and business models, to government policy and city infrastructure. Our goal is to better explore and snapshot the weekly happenings of the fastest growing and funnest form of mobility in the world: small, electric vehicles.

0:00 Some Announcements (Juiced Bikes Winner! Ride1Up Giveaway!)

4:10 Qualcomm to Acquire Autotalks for Road Safety Tech

10:15 India’s Two-Wheel EV Revolution16:48 Vehicle Launches!

- Razor, a brand whose name is synonymous with analog kickscooters, is out with a new moped-style Class 2 ebike with retro-style and beefy 20-inch tires.

- Heybike is out with the Ranger S, a new fat-tire electric bike equipped that is capable of reaching Class 3 speeds of 28 mph.

- The Wuling Bingo EV tiny car may be small, but it’s too cute to ignore. Starting at $8,600, the Bingo offers 41 or 68 hp depending on the motor choice, 126 or 206 miles of range depending on the battery, and last but not least, it includes an optional inflatable mattress for camping.

- Ebike Inception: Tern is out with a new kit that allows you to haul a cargo bike behind your cargo bike.

- VanMoof just revealed their new S4 and X4 ebikes, which, retailing at $2498, are a more affordable alternative to their 5 series. The models include a two-speed gear hub with adaptive motor support, as opposed to a three-speed gear hub and torque sensor combo on the S5 and X5.

- Yamaha introduced two new products this week - the Booster ebike, with a top speed of 15 mph, and the Booster speed pedelec, with a top speed of 28 mph.

- Portland-based Vvolt just released their new utility series ebikes this week, which includes three new models: the Slice Lite, The Pie, and the Slice DLX.

- Chinese vehicle maker MG Motor is bringing the MG Comet EV to India, which may take the title of the country’s cheapest electric car. Retailing at less than $10,000 USD, the Comet offers 143 miles of range in a compact, two-door package.

33:13 Meet Ride1Up and their Founder Kevin Dugger

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