Ride On! #13: Juiced Bikes Giveaway · Meet Voltaire and their sexy new ebike · More Launches!


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0:00 Some Announcements (Juiced Bikes Giveaway!, Julia back, Micromobility Europe after party)

06:42 🐻 California’s Ebike Rebate Takes ShapeThe California Air Resources Board has finalized the criteria to qualify for the state’s ebike rebate. Beginning in June, the $1,000 voucher program will be open to California residents making at or below 300% of the federal poverty level. An additional $750 will be available for cargo or adaptive bikes, and an extra $250 will be available to applicants who live in designated disadvantaged areas.

13:43 Vehicle Launches!

- Ride1Up just released the Rift all-terrain fat-tire ebike. Offering up to 60 miles of range, a 348-pound weight capacity, and passenger capabilities, the Rift brings the best of both worlds in terms of off-road and cargo abilities. Check out the full review on Ride Review.

- Taiwan-based company OKGO recently revealed a “smart” ebike that’s built to live up to its name. Housed by a carbon fiber frame, the bike offers fingerprint-scanning capabilities, voice command, and a radar module that alerts riders of rear-approaching vehicles.

- Neighborhood electric vehicle maker WAEV added a solar panel accessory for their GEM models that can reportedly extend the range of the vehicles up to 12 miles.

- Garmin has also developed a vehicle-detection system designed specifically for ebikes, which is powered entirely by the bike’s battery. Retailing for $299, the device attaches directly to your seat post and delivers audible alerts to your smartphone.

- Historic British bike maker Raleigh has released a compact electric cargo bike called Modum that can cover 100 miles of range with a Bosch motor and 500W battery. The bikes main selling point is its handlebars that twist 180 degrees, making it easier to store flat in a hallway or narrow spaces.

21:55 Meet Voltaire and their Co-Founder Grégoire Lieurade

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