Ride On! #12: Juiced Bikes CEO + Giveaway! · McKinsey goes big on Micromobility · Japan News + More!


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Topics can range from new vehicles and business models, to government policy and city infrastructure. Our goal is to better explore and snapshot the weekly happenings of the fastest growing and funnest form of mobility in the world: small, electric vehicles.

0:00 Some Announcements (Lectric Giveaway Winner!, Juiced Bikes Giveaway!)

2:27 McKinsey goes big on Micromobility. Research from McKinsey shows that globally micromobility is the third most popular form of transportation and growing. Over the next decade, 30% of consumers plan to increase their usage of small vehicles. “mobility ecosystem will most likely undergo a transformation not seen since the early days of the automobile,” and McKinsey predicts a steady decline in car use.

5:28 Raising money: Kate, a French company that manufactures tiny electric cars, has raised $7.6M in angel funding. Okiya, a Singapore-based battery-as-a-service startup, has raised $10.8M in Series B funds to connect electric two-wheeler firms to its charging network. Unagi has secured Best Buy as a scooter subscription partner, raising $29.3M through a mix of equity and debt to scale up its HaaS business.Cowboy, a Belgian ebike maker, cruised past its goal of raising €1M in crowdfunding in under 48 hours earlier this week. France based shared micromobility company PONY just raised €6m.11:53 Japan Mobility Tiny Japanese pickup trucks, also known as “kei” cars, are cropping up across rural America, filling a niche for farmers, building contractors, and other tradespeople that U.S. automakers have completely ignored. Take it from Tokyo, decreasing car-dependency starts by de-incentivizing car use. Only 12 percent of trips are made via car in the Japanese capital, due to strict vehicle inspections, high automobile taxes, and limited parking availability.

16:50 More Micromobility Subsidies! A tax credit worth up to $1,500 for an ebike has been introduced in the Minnesota transportation budget for consideration. In Austin, the public utility Austin Energy is doubling its rebate up to $600. The program not only covers ebikes, but scooters, trikes, mopeds, and motorcycles as well.  

19:14 Tora Harris, Co-Founder and CEO of Juiced Bikes

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