Ride On! #10: Lectric Giveaway! · Super73 CEO on New Vehicles · SF Traffic Deaths · New Bike Lanes!


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0:00 Some Announcements (Cake Giveaway Winner!, Lectric Giveaway Details! Micromobility Europe Tickets on Sale)

6:38 NACTO's Urban Bikeway Design Guide for bike lanes

12:11 San Francisco Vision Zero is failing miserably and the city has stopped enforcing traffic laws. NYCs automated traffic ticketing is out of control. Chicago data shows that drivers that have a lot of citations are way more deadly as drivers. Also Helmet man brings us some hope!

24:15 Launch Announcements SONDORS has unleashed the beast with its all-new MetaBeast and MetaBeastX electric motorbikes. With a rugged frame and plenty of torque, the new MetaBeast is built purely for off-roading, while the MetaBeast X offers the added benefit of being street legalAventon just released its revamped Pace ebikes, with significant improvements such as a torque sensor for a smoother pedal-assist experience. The new Pace will also come with turn signals, a road-safety feature that we loved to see on the Abound e-cargo bike as well.Canada’s DŌST Bikes is the latest vehicle maker to introduce a new electric cargo bike, the Crate Cargo Cruiser, which sets itself apart with its Ō-Drive drivetrain, enabling automatic gear changes.Sweden’s Stilride has released the final design for its eye-catching electric motorcycle. Besides its breathtaking aluminum body, the new StilRide 1 performs at a top speed of 60 mph (96 kph), and it comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and ABS technology. The motorbike costs €15,000 and will ship in 2024. Electric bike startup Async has released photos of its new A1 Pro, which sports an ultra-minimalist design, a belt drive, and 150 miles of range.Paris-based subscription company Motto just released the second generation of their ebike, featuring improved stability and an easily transportable battery.

29:15 Legrand Crewse, CEO of Super73, New Adventure Series of ebikes, the K1D (KID) bike and some new news on the C1X motorcycle!

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