Rad's New Ride

James Gross
December 6, 2022


Rad Power Bikes revealed a new product today that it says is its most requested model ever, and to the surprise of many, it’s not a bike at all, but an electric tricycle. 

The RadTrike represents Rad Power’s first foray outside of the world of two-wheeled electric vehicles, an all-new product category that blurs the efficiency of ebikes with the functionality of cars.

Earlier this week, I asked a computer why people ride trikes. Here was the response: 

ChatGPT on a Trike

In November I had the chance to catch up with Rad Power Bikes founder and chairman,Mike Radenbaugh. He wanted to show me their new trike and explain why it was so important to the company’s future.. His rationale echoed GPT-3’s response: Electric tricycles provide greater stability and comfort than two-wheelers, broadening access to a whole new category of users. 

With the RadTrike, Rad Power is going after a largely untapped market: People who want a fun and active way to get around, but may not be fully comfortable riding a traditional electric bike. In my own extended family, I have a few folks who fit this description: people who are less experienced on an ebike or have mobility impairments. Mike told me that this vehicle is intended to accommodate almost everyone, regardless of their age, level of experience, or physical abilities.

Mike’s story is astounding. Started as a bootstrapped company in 2007, Seattle-based Rad Powernow counts over 600,000 customers globally. Its affordable yet reliable ebikes (including the cargo-hauling RadWagon, the versatile RadRunner, and the trail-friendly RadRover) are some of the best-selling models in North America. 

In fact, after Tesla, there is a good argument that Rad Power has shipped more electric vehicles than any other company in the US. Unlike Tesla, what Mike  accomplished with Rad Power is much closer to what Henry Ford did in the 20th century: Create a fundamentally new paradigm that changes the way we move for the better. 

The RadTrike, which is available to pre-order now, cost $2,499 and will begin shipping in January. Here you can watch Mike talk with our very own Oliver Bruce about Rad’s history, the new RadTrike, and what the future holds for himself and the company.

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