Paving the Path Forward: Building Infrastructure for Micromobility


This discussion delves into various components critical for the successful development of small and large micromobility projects, such as dedicated lanes, charging stations, parking facilities, and smart technologies, with a focus on the U.S.'s renewed emphasis on infrastructure investments. Experts from diverse backgrounds, including planners, policymakers, and sustainability advocates, engage in a stimulating conversation about the design, implementation, and management of infrastructure that caters to the unique needs of micromobility users.

- Sarah Goodyear, Co-Host, @TheWarOnCars

- Dave Snyder, Senior Director of Infrastructure, @peopleforbikes

- Katy Burgio, Senior Program Manager, @nycha

- Debs Schrimmer, Senior Advisor (Urban & Community Charging), U.S. @jointoffice of Energy and Transportation

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