Not Just Bikes: Why Many Cities Suck (But Dutch Cities Don't) With Jason Slaughter

Oliver Bruce
September 2, 2022


This week we share another interview from Micromobility Europe - This time it is the timeless interview of Jason Slaughter, creator of the largest urban planning YouTube Channel - Not Just Bikes being interviewed by Julia Thayne DeMourdant from the Rocky Mountain Institute, about why many cities suck, but Dutch cities don’t.

Our host Oliver Bruce has often joked that if you spend enough time talking about Micromobility, you end up falling backwards into discussions about urbanism, space allocation and what makes for great cities. Jason nails why that is in this interview, and being in the Netherlands for this conference we can see what he was referring to. The intersection between transport, vehicles, felt experience and finances are all laid to bear.

This was also released on our YouTube channel that has turned out to be our most popular ever with more than 100,000 views on You Tube.

Specifically they tackle:

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