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Micromobility Newsletter for April 18, 2023

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What You Need to Know Today

In response to a series of incidents in which low-cost ebikes used by delivery workers caught fire in New York City, Uber is funding an innovative buy-back program to get unsafe batteries off the streets. Through partnerships with the ebike company Zoomo and the nonprofit Equitable Commute Project, couriers will be able to trade in old ebikes for credit towards a new one. With many cities considering restrictions on ebikes, Uber’s initiative is a creative way to ensure deliveries keep flowing.

Uber’s move comes at the same time as New York City is considering pair of new ebike safety bills. The first would require businesses using ebikes for commercial purposes to provide workers with fireproof or fire-resistant containers to charge and store removable batteries. The second would aim to establish a program to provide reduced- or no-cost lithium-ion batteries. (So… like a subsidy?)

In the aftermath of Paris’s decision to ban shared scooters, many are wondering, where is micromobility regulation going next? In our next webinar, we will explore the most current regulatory frameworks for shared scooters, bikes, mopeds, and more, including the need to balance public safety with innovation. Join us here.

Swapfiets, a micromobility subscription service from the Netherlands, is introducing a fast-charging, heavy-duty ebike that is designed specifically for delivery workers.

Related: Whizz, a New York startup that provides full-service ebikes for delivery couriers through a subscription model, has raised $3.4M in seed funds.

Ride On! is back. This week we cover San Francisco’s road safety crisis, Super73’s growing vehicle lineup, NACTO’s updated rules for micromobility lanes, and a bevy of new vehicles from Stilride, Aventon, SONDORS, Dost, and more. Plus, tune in to find out how to win a brand-new Lectric XP Lite…

Hong Kong is in the process of loosening restrictions on electric scooters, bikes, and other micromobility devices, but some say the city is still moving too slowly.

Like many countries, Spain saw a record year for ebikes in 2022, with sales reaching 236k units. That figure represents a gain of 5.6% compared to the year before.

Likewise, in the U.S., electric bikes are defying the bike downturn and outselling electric cars. Last year ebike sales exceeded 1M units, making up 19% of the total bike market sales dollars. (And it’s important to note, these numbers typically exclude online sales.)

The 3,000-mile East Coast Greenway project from Maine to Florida is far from finished, but it’s already benefiting cities along its route.

Zero Motorcycles is teaming up with the Ayala Corporation, a large Filipino conglomerate, to manufacturer and sell its electric motorcycles in the Philippines.

Magenta Mobility, an Indian EV firm that deploys electric three-wheeled trucks for last-mile logistics, has closed a Series A1 with $22M in funding from Morgan Stanley and BP Ventures.

Magenta Mobility announces grand opening - Hello Entrepreneurs

Zeus Scooters has acquired Zipp Mobility, a fellow Irish shared micromobility startup, in order to expand its reach in Ireland and the UK.

Also from Ireland: Bikesharing operator Moby has raised over $5M in Series A funds to fuel international growth.

UNIT 1, a Madrid-based startup that makes smart bike accessories, including connected helmets and light-up backpacks, has raised $3.5M in Series A funds.

Unit 1 Faro smart helmet boasts automatic brake lights, remote-operated  turn signals, more! - Bikerumor

Facing heavy competition from Ola Electric and TVS Motors in India’s electric moped market, Ather Energy is doubling down on affordability as its key differentiator.

Donkey Republic may not be Europe’s largest bikeshare operator, but the arrows are pointing in the right direction. The Copenhagen-based company generated about $10M in revenue in 2022, up 81% from the year prior.

London-based startup Skarper has secured nearly $5M in funding for its patented technology that turns regular bikes into ebikes in seconds.

Skarper E-Bike Conversion Kit Simplifies Electrifying Your Bike | Hackaday

A new survey finds that people with disabilities frequently use shared scooters to avoid the fatigue and difficulty of walking or cycling.

Many European countries have incentive programs to encourage people to bike to work - but which ones are the best?

Swedish electric motorcycle maker Cake continues its expansion in Asia with the opening of its flagship retail store in Seoul.

B2B news | CAKE continues expansion in Asia with new flagship CAKE:site  Seoul | thepack.news | THE PACK - Electric motorcycle news

Amsterdam, already one of the least car-dependent cities in the world, is redoubling its climate commitment by closing sections of several streets to automobile traffic. (Maybe we should do a field trip of Amsterdam’s latest road improvements during Micromobility Europe this June…)

A new study confirms that, compared to smaller cars, SUVs cause 55% worse injuries to cyclists they hit.

On the latest episode of The Micromobility Podcast, we share the inside story of Apollo Scooters, a D2C player from Canada that quietly ships 30k scooters a year by betting consumers want fewer, higher-quality choices. “You can probably capture with 80% of the market with just three products.”

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