Micromobility Newsletter: The EV Revolution Looks Different in India

Luke Hopping
September 6, 2022

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The Micromobility Newsletter for September 6, 2022

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We are just 9 days away from Micromobility America’s 2022 gathering in the SF Bay Area, and all the smartest people in urban mobility will be there.

On tap, our own Horace Dediu has curated a stellar lineup of talks, rides, and first looks at new products, including a Shark Tank-style pitch contest, NYC Mayor Eric Adams, the CEOs of all the major the small EV companies, and much more.

Most exciting of all - tickets are nearly 50% off right now for a short time. Join us in the SF Bay Area on September 15-16.

What You Need To Know This Week

Zypp Electric employees sit on electric mopeds outside of business
A crash test with a Tesla using its ADAS system with a man riding an electric scooter
Man rides a Mod Easy Sidecar electric bike with a german shepard dog riding in the sidecar
An Envo Flex electric bike converted into a snow bike configuration

Pod People

 This week we share another interview from Micromobility Europe - This time it is the timeless interview of Jason Slaughter, creator of the largest urban planning YouTube Channel - Not Just Bikes being interviewed by Julia Thayne DeMourdant from the Rocky Mountain Institute, about why many cities suck, but Dutch cities don’t.  Our host Oliver Bruce has often joked that if you spend enough time talking about Micromobility, you end up falling backwards into discussions about urbanism, space allocation and what makes for great cities. Jason nails why that is in this interview, and being in the Netherlands for this conference we can see what he was referring to. The intersection between transport, vehicles, felt experience and finances are all laid to bear.  This was also released on our YouTube channel that has turned out to be our most popular ever with more than 100,000 views on You Tube.  Specifically they tackle:  The origin of Not Just Bikes and Jason's background Why car dependency creates sprawled suburbs How urban planning and design can determine if a city will suck or not A city that is built for cars is not built for people We need to move away from building car-centric cities, and instead build people-friendly cities with walkable neighbourhoods and good land use. Any micromobility solution needs to be compatible with walking.

On the latest episode of the podcast, Jason Slaughter, creator of the largest urbanist YouTube channel Not Just Bikes, is interviewed by Julia Thayne DeMourdant from the Rocky Mountain Institute about why many cities suck, but Dutch cities don’t.

Specifically, they tackle:

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Screenshot of the Micromobility Industries, Micromobility.io, Job Board

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