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What You Need to Know This Week

Rad Power is revamping the RadRunner, its popular utility electric bike, with an array of exciting upgrades. The new RadRunner 3 Plus ($2,499) will feature a stronger frame that can carry 50 more lbs of passengers or cargo than the original, a extra powerful 750W rear hub motor, a dual battery option offering up to 100 miles of range, hydraulic disc brakes for safe, quick stopping, and more. Along with the new bike, Rad Power also announced a fresh batch of accessories, including a trailer that can be outfitted with a soft crate for carrying pets.

Audi is teaming up with Italian motorcycle maker Fantic on a fancy new eMTB. Porsche, Audi’s sister brand in the Volkswagen AG, already has a bevy of electric bikes in production. One wonders, could more bikes be on the way from the German automaking group?

The new E 300 SE from Segway is an urban commuter moped with a solid 65mph max speed and 81 miles of range.

UBCO’s limited-edition 2x2 Special Edition introduces a motorcycle-grade braking system, built-in storage compartments, and more upgrades.

Would you be willing to trust your life with a tiny one-person electric helicopter from Alibaba? If so, the sky could literally be the limit for your next micromobility adventure.

San Diego’s Ride1UP is out with its second new vehicle in as many months. In contrast to the heavy-duty Revv1 moped, the new Turris is a lightweight touring-style bike that is great for beginners and comparably inexpensive at $1,295.

The Solar P1 hits a sweet spot in the electric scooter market: fast and affordable.

Blaming the state of battery tech, Ducati says it still has zero intention to release an electric motorcycle…

Indian startup River has launched pre-orders for the Indie, an EV moped with a lot of storage space.

This neat AI tool from BrXnd allows you to generate images based on hypothetical brand collaborations and special projects. For example, here’s what AI thinks it would look like if F-150 maker Ford opted to make a much tinier form of four-wheeled EV…

Orbea, a French cycling brand that is a favorite among racers, is giving its electric bike lineup an upgrade with the Mahle X20 drive system.

Xiaomi has launched the new Electric Scooter 4 Ultra ($1050). Powered by a 500W motor, the kickscooter can summit 25% inclines and travel 43 miles on a full charge.

The new EO.12 dirt bike from Taiwan’s Graft EV is only a little heavier than a large electric bike (110 lbs), yet packs 20x the power.

The 50 kg, 25 kW Factory Team edition rocks carbon rims

Taiwan-based Kymco plans to start selling its i-One smart moped in France soon.

German startup Car.los says it will start shipping its $6,300 longtail electric bike this month.

China’s Tenways is out with a new Pro version of the CGO600 electric bike, which is distinguished by its featherweight 36-lbs construction.


The Scott Axis eRIDE Evo Tour FS is an excellent blend of form and functionality. While the top-notch specs and robust build quality make it a reliable offroading bike, the fluid handling and comfortable ride quality make it an equally appealing everyday option. If you are an occasional offroader and need a bike that can also handle the city, the Axis eRIDE Evo Tour FS should be on your radar.

If you’re in the market for a compact scooter that doesn’t compromise on features, the Zero 8X is a model that should be on your radar. A slightly shorter version of the much-vaunted Zero 10X, the Zero 8X brings the same performance, quality, and comfort in a much smaller footprint.

Eunorau was not kidding around when they named the bike Max Cargo since the bike can withstand the weight of up to 440 lbs. This bike is the complete package with its sturdy frame, great tires, a powerful motor, and a few convenient accessories included in the price.

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