Micromobility Fires, Standards, and Transport Equity With Melinda Hanson


This week Oliver interviews Melinda Hansen, founder of consulting firm Brightside and formerly the head of sustainability at Bird. They talk about the recent spate of Micromobility/ebike battery fires in New York and the response there as well as the wider conversation about equitable transport options, from her work with the equitable commute project.

Like we’ve discussed many times on the show, we think that there is a real opportunity for Micromobility to contribute to the conversation. We really love Melinda‘s take on the whole space – she has a wealth of industry knowledge and is in New York with the legislators having the grunty conversations that will help lead the industry forward. Really hope that you enjoy this episode as we did.

Specifically they tackle:

- The E-bike fires for the Micromobility Podcast and know that you've been doing some advocacy in this space.

- The work on transport equity she has been doing

- How she is working to better aggregate and lobby for ebike subsidies at MMI. - How micromobility companies can play a more active role in getting streets ready for smaller vehicles.

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