Melvin Lian discusses moving from Singapore to Los Angeles and how his scooter business is booming



Melvin Lian is the Founder and CEO of @VoroMotors . He discusses his company's journey, from its beginnings in Singapore to its current base in Los Angeles. Melvin detailed the challenges he faced in Singapore, including strict regulations that culminated in an overnight ban on scooters. Melvin also talks about the company's innovations in seated scooters, its distribution of Kaboo and Dualtron scooters, as well as its own EMOVE line of vehicles.


- 🛴 Melvin Lim, founder and CEO of Voro Motors, explained how the firm began in Singapore due to the city's need for convenient and portable e-scooters.

- ⚖️ He explained the various laws in Singapore that gradually constrained scooter usage, leading to an unexpected overnight ban on scooters in 2019.

- 🖊️ Following this, Melvin made the decision to move operations to Los Angeles where he believed the desire for e-scooter use was increasing.

- 🚀 In L.A. they primarily sold their own models, the Emove Cruiser and the Emove Touring, however consumer demand led to them also distributing dula motor scooters by other brands like Kaboo and Dualtron.

- 🌍 Despite the challenges from strict regulations and sudden changes in operating environments, Voro Motors has successfully adapted and grown, serving different customer bases with varied products.

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