Investing in B2B SaaS for Micromobility - Sam Baker at Mobility Fund

Oliver Bruce
October 31, 2022


This week Oliver interviewed Sam Baker from Mobility Fund. We’ve had Sam on before, on episode 50, when he was still at Wunder Mobility, but since then, he’s headed off and is doing his own fund specifically focused on micromobility B2B businesses.

He’s been a real advocate for the space and it was great to reconnect at Micromobility America and to get into more depth about the opportunities that exist in micromobility around the edges and in niches that otherwise aren’t always covered.

We really enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too.

Specifically they discuss:

- Sam's background with Wunder Mobility and what led to the formation of Mobility Fund

- What he is focused on at Mobility Fund, and where he is excited about opportunities

- Who are his LP’s and why are they interested in this space?

- What Sam thought of Micromobility America and what we can be doing to better tell the story of micro

You can connect with Sam on LinkedIn here

And you can learn more about what is happening with Mobility Fund here

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