Introducing Ride Review - An Interview with James Gross

Oliver Bruce
October 14, 2022

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This week Oliver interviews James Gross, one of the co-founders of Micromobility Industries (which host this very podcast and the conference) to talk about the launch of Ride Review, the new source of reviews and ratings for all vehicles in the micromobility universe, from Onewheels to escooters/bikes, to golf carts and pods. As this space undergoes a Cambrian explosion of new vehicle models and types, Ride Review seeks to cover them and provide help riders who are trying to find the best option for them.

Specifically they dig into:

- What is Ride Review and why is it important?

- The significance of discovery in a fast changing environment

- The origin of why Micromobility Industries was uniquely placed to roll this out

- The wider mission of Micromobility Industries and what they’re trying to achieve in supporting the industry.

You can visit Ride Review at

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