How Micromobility wins last mile package delivery with HIVED founder Murvah Iqbal

Oliver Bruce
December 1, 2022


This week, Oliver interviews Murvah Iqbal from HIVED. Every so often we come across entrepreneurs where we come away thinking that they’re going to own a segment in a way that the incumbents are going to struggle to respond to.

Murvah is one of those. We loved this interview. We got into the backstory for HIVED, what they’re building and why micro is core to their strategy. The world of package delivery is one that is here and real. We're super excited to follow her career and see them succeed.

Specifically, they dig into:

- Murvah's background and what led to the foundation of HIVED.

- The problem that they're trying to solve, and why micro is core to it.

- Traction on HIVED to date Fundraising for businesses like this.

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