Harnessing Cleantech and Mobility Funds for Micromobility Panel

Oliver Bruce
October 4, 2022


This week we release a talk from our recent Micromobility America conference that we hosted in the Bay Area in mid September - this was one of the most popular panels of the event - the ‘Raising Money in Micromobility for Software VC’ panel that was run by our conference cohost, Julia Thayne Demourdant and featured a slew of the top mobility investors and incubators in the space. We loved this panel, because it covered all manner of topics, from funding to government regulation to total addressable market to more.

We’re going to be releasing a few of these talks on the podcast over the next few weeks. If you’re also interested in seeing them as videos, a number of them are up on the Micromobility Industries Youtube channel.

Panel topic:

Panel of investors to discuss how to harness cleantech and mobility funds in the U.S. and Europe for micromobility. Especially well-suited for software start-ups and for policymakers who are trying to attract more start-ups to their geographies.

Specifically they tackle:

We've seen firms like Elemental invest in low GHG on-road transport software plays like Weavegrid or lots of EV charging infrastructure. We've not seen so much go into micromobility companies. Why do they think that is?

What is the opportunity for entrepreneurs building in the space? And where (geographically) the opportunities for funding are.

What counts as micromobility software – where does it start and end? And how does that definition translate to where companies should look for funding?

Why hasn’t the general mobility investment funding translated to micromobility investments? Is the space still too nascent?

What the iPhone of micromobility is going to be, and what will the killer app be?

How do we insulate newer companies from being tarred by the current terrible performance of micromobility services and software on the public markets?

How policy has changed the playing field for micromobility compared to other modes in cities, and what’s software got to do with leveling that playing field?  

What are the coolest software companies or services that they have seen in the micromobility space and why they are interesting.

A big thank you to our panelists:

- Alex Mitchell, LA Cleantech Incubator

- Olaf Sakkers, GP, RedBlue capital

- Avra Van Der Zee, COO, Elemental Excelerator

- Sam Baker, GP, Mobility Fund

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