Exploring the Future of Micromobility with Kersten Heineke, of the McKinsey Center of Future Mobility


This week Oliver interviews Kersten Heineke, a partner at McKinsey, and lead of the McKinsey Centre For Future Mobility, based in Germany. We discuss the role and scope of the Center for Future Mobility, the rising interest in micro vehicles, and the potential impact of mini-mobility on the transportation landscape.

Kersten provides an extensive overview of his research, including the emergence of direct-to-consumer electric vehicles brands like Lectric and Ride1Up, and the innovative hardware-as-a-service models offered by companies such as Lug and Carrie/Whee! They also delve into the promising growth of the German bike leasing market, the unique benefits of tax exemptions for employer-provided bikes, and the leading players in this space.

We hope that you enjoy our conversation about the rapidly evolving world of micromobility and its potential to reshape the future of transportation.

Specifically they tackle:

- The challenges faced by mini mobility startups

- The lack of investment in personally owned scooters

- The potential explosion of micro-freight

- The factors influencing the funding disconnect between EVTOL, Autonomy, EVs and micro-mobility

- Why no micro mobility-specific funds have emerged

- How content creators can assist McKinseys clients

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