Exploring Public-Private Micromobility with Caroline Sampanaro, Head of Micromobility and Transit Policy at Lyft


This week Oliver interviews Caroline Sampanaro, Head of Micromobility and Transit Policy at Lyft, about her role and opportunities for micromobility to participate in conversations about better transport systems and cities. They also talk a lot about the shared business model, and why PPP feels like the most logical endpoint for a lot of the shared use cases for micromobility. We have continually been struck by the great team that Lyft has built - check out our earlier conversations with Laura Fox, GM of Citibike in NY for reference - and we really enjoyed this conversation with Caroline. Also referenced is episode 170 with Julia Thayne DeMourdant and Gabe Klein, which you can listen to here.

Unfortunately, we lost the end of the audio for this the first time around and had to go back and rerecord the end. Our awesome editor Lynda has managed to get this sounding good, but just a heads up about it towards the end.

In this episode they discuss:

- Caroline’s background as an activist and how it led her to shared micromobility policy

- The story of Lyft’s micromobility business - how it came about and why they’ve chosen the strategy they have with PPP docked bikeshare vs freefloating.

- Getting micromobility away from identity politics

- What has electric vs. acoustic offered to the advocacy conversation?

- What is the role of companies like Lyft in micromobility advocacy vs. (for example) vehicle producers etc.

- How do we get a broad coalition of advocates that can tackle the status quo?

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